Graphical Interface to the Phase 6 Watershed Model Inputs

Graphs and maps of the inputs to the Phase 6 Watershed Model for all versions, along with the option to download the source data, is provided to facilitate transparency and offer a common, public platform for reviewing data.

Due to the size of the datasets required to present this information, the Graphs and Maps have been divided into the following categories.

The calibration land use data is available on the Nutrient Applications link above. It is shown in maps with the ability to filter by sector, land use, and agency. The tabular land use for years between 1984 and 2013 may be downloaded using the link below.

Not all of the inputs are applied to each of the load sources. For example, manure nitrogen and phosphorus are not attributed to developed lands. Only leguminous plants fix nitrogen, so the fixed nitrogen input only applies to load sources that may contain crops or plants that are leguminous. The table of Loads by Load Source provides a ready reference of the inputs for each load source.