Plans are underway to develop an optimization module. This module will allow the user to input objectives, then loads and the optimal set of BMPs will be returned. BMP co-benefits, such as those related to habitat, are planned to be returned as well. Until that module is developed, information is available in static tables for reference on the cost effectiveness and co-benefits associated with each BMP.

BMP Cost Effectiveness

Cost effectiveness analysis is a necessary component for implementing pollutant reduction strategies. The tables below shows the cost of BMPs per pound of nitrogen, phosphorus, or sediment reduced. These are estimates that were developed with the 2013 progress scenario and the Phase 2 WIP on 2025 Base Conditions in CAST-2017. The data may be applied to similar scenarios. For example, if the objective is to determine cost of a WIP, then use the Phase 2 WIP scenario as it will be most comparable. These values are not applicable to scenarios that differ substantially from a these scenarios. That means that you should not use progress cost effectiveness to estimate cost effectiveness of BMPs in a WIP.

Cost Effectiveness of BMPs - 2013

Cost Effectiveness of BMPs-Phase 2 WIP on 2025 Base Conditions

BMP Co-Benefits

BMPs are ranked to indicate their impact on the co-benefits evaluated. This information will be incorporated into CAST scenario results at a later date. In the meantime, the BMP co-benefit impacts are provided at the links below.

Impact Scores Spreadsheet Tool

BMP Co-Benefits Report

BMP Co-Benefits Impact Scores