Updates are made to improve CAST’s functionality. Generally, the changes to the Chesapeake Bay Program Partnership models result from the incorporation of new science as recommended by expert panels and Partnership decisions.


Update released September 18, 2017

  • Nutrients applied was removed from the Base Conditions report. It will be added to a new report in the next release, planned for 10/2/2017.
  • The buffer BMPs with exclusion fencing were updated to include units of length and width, in addition to area.
  • Improved speed of updating BMPs in the table on the add BMP pages.
  • Improved functionality of geographic selection box so it is faster and more reliable. 
  • Added BMP type as official or planning to source data spreadsheet.
  • Page layout inconsistencies were corrected.
  • Application version 4.5.0

Update released August 15, 2017

  • Fixed bug where scenarios were not populating in a list for reports at the modeling segment scale.
  • Application version 4.3.1

Update released August 11, 2017

  • Minor bug fixes with the user interface were corrected. These included selecting units with some BMPs, correcting the BMP summary downloaded report, and enabling the cancel button on the contact us email.
  • The documentation may now be downloaded. 
  • The amount has been added to the result pie charts in addition to percent.
  • A filter for reports to show my scenarios, shared scenario and public scenarios is added.
  • Registering as a new user and entering a password has been improved to eliminate copy/paste issues with the temporary password.
  • Application version 4.3.0

Update released July 26, 2017

  • Minor bug fixes with the user interface were corrected. These included selecting units with some BMPs, correcting the downloaded report for BMP files, and validating manure transport files that are uploaded to a new scenario. 
  • Application version 4.2.1

Update released July 21, 2017

  • Added a new report type that allows BMPs to be downloaded in a format that can be uploaded to a scenario
  • Added a home page notification banner to replace the need for sending users emails
  • Adjusted the number of characters available for cost profile description, scenario description and notes
  • Updated help for the new public reports maps page
  • Corrected the spelling on the email sent for reset password confirmation
  • Added filter for BMPs on the cost profiles grid  
  • Removed abbreviations from the nutrients applied report
  • Sorted animal types in animal and manure BMP grids the same
  • Application version 4.2.0

Update released July 14, 2017

  • Updates change the loads in your scenarios, scenarios shared with you, and public scenarios. Public scenarios and the shared scenarios owned by CBP Admin will be recalculated for users. Users will need to run your scenarios to see the new loads. Just click on the green run arrow next to all of your scenarios. Scenarios can run simultaneously. The changes that impact loads include: 
    • Soil phosphorus — change how it is calculated in scenarios so it follows the logic used in the calibration
    • Biosolids — correct the method used to split into nutrient species
    • Cover management factor (C-Factor) — change method used in scenarios so the phosphorus and sediment loads vary with inputs.
    • Septic — include the updated population on septic.
  • Data version change from "Draft Final" to "Draft Final 7/14/2017".  
  • Application version 4.1.1

Update released July 11, 2017

  • Corrections were made to the public reports. The BMP submitted vs. Credited report was not including data in all three BMP sheets (land, animal, manure). The Loads report now returns the aggregation type selected by the user.
  • A system error was generated when deleting an edited scenario. This is now corrected so delete works properly.
  • Application version 4.1.1

Update released July 3, 2017

  • Public loads report is returning only BMP Summary report. Other report types made unavailable until corrections are made to the procedure to produce the report.
  • Tool tips are added for Aggregations on the Reports page.
  • Maps are added under Public Reports.
  • Interface updated so that the Geographic Scale selection under reports does not freeze. 
  • Miscellaneous minor bugs on the interface were fixed.
  • Application version 4.1.0

Update released June 22, 2017

  • Registration email rewritten to be clearer.
  • Unit corrected on downloaded Compare Scenarios table.
  • Pie charts under graphs are now returning wastewater data.
  • BMPs with multiple measures, like Manure Treatment Technologies, are now copying all measures. Previously only one measure was copied. 
  • Miscellaneous minor bugs on the interface were fixed.
  • Application version 4.0.1

Update released June 15, 2017

This is the Draft Final version of Phase 6 CAST. Shared scenarios include:

  • Phase 2 Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP) BMPs translated to the Phase 6 BMPs, load sources, and model segmentation
  • Annual implementation scenarios for 1985 through 2013
  • Draft Everything, Everywhere by Everyone (E3). It is draft because it has not been reviewed by the Chesapeake Bay Program Partnership and there is no manure transport BMP in the scenario.
  • No Action, that is, no BMPs.
  • Application version 4.0.0

Update released April 3, 2017

This is the beta version of Phase 6 CAST made available for reviewing CAST functionality. Data are hypothetical and scenarios are temporary. Once the Chesapeake Bay Program Partnership releases the Draft Final version scenario data, CAST will be available for data review at CAST.ChesapeakeBay.net. At that time, new logins will need to be created and scenarios will be saved. CAST will be the model used for management purposes for the Chesapeake Bay Program Partnership. CAST 2017 and the Scenario Builder + Watershed Model are now the same model.