Phase 6 Source Data

Download data tables including information on load sources and agencies, BMPs, animals, geographic references and delivery factors. The Phase 6 Source Data includes the following data tables:

  • Load Source Definitions
  • BMP Definitions
  • Efficiency BMPs
  • Load Source Conversion BMPs
  • Load Reduction BMPs
  • Animal BMPs
  • BMP Units
  • BMP Load Source Group
  • Load Source Group Components
  • BMP Animal Group
  • Animal Group Components
  • Geographic References
  • Geographic Scale and Names
  • Agencies
  • Delivery Factors

BMP Calculations

Understanding how BMPs are calculated will help the user maximize their load reductions. The following topics are addressed in the sections below: BMP types, BMP groups and sequence of calculation, overlapping and mutually exclusive BMPs, calculation steps with example calculations, and tips for maximizing load reductions.