Phase 6 Source Data

Download data tables including information on load sources and agencies, BMPs, animals, geographic references and delivery factors. The Source Data includes the following data tables:

  • Load Source Definitions
  • BMP Definitions
  • Efficiency BMPs
  • Load Source Conversion BMPs
  • Load Reduction BMPs
  • Animal BMPs
  • BMP Units
  • BMP Load Source Group
  • Load Source Group Components
  • BMP Animal Group
  • Animal Group Components
  • Geographic References
  • Geographic Scale and Names
  • Agencies
  • Delivery Factors

Download data tables including the tables listed below. Note that actual crop nutrient applications vary depending on acres of the crop, application yield goal, nutrient management, and monthly timing, and type and amount of nutrients available. The tables provide the factors used to determine the nutrient application amounts that may be applied depending on the specific conditions in any scenario.

  • Double cropped crops
  • Crop and load source relationship
  • Plant and harvest dates
  • Developed land (turfgrass) nutrient pounds per yield
  • Agricultural crop nutrient pounds per yield
  • Crop nutrient application by month
  • Crop nutrient uptake, removal, and nitrogen fixation
  • Crop cover factor
  • Crop cover fraction
  • Sediment tons available to erode due to plowing, by crop type

Download data tables including the following tables:

  • Animal details including storage loss fraction, manure dry fraction, manure WEP, mortality fraction, and
    conversions of acres per animal count and animal count per AWMS
  • Manure pounds per animal and per animal unit
  • Manure nutrient concentrations
  • Manure nutrient volatilization
  • Animal Time in Pasture

More information on the annual progress scenario can be found under Progress Reporting.